Written and Directed by Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Playwright Showcase at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center May 20-21, 2023

Nominated and Finalist for Creative Loafing 2023 Best of the Bay Best Playwright

Nominated for 2023 Broadway World Tampa Awards:

BEST ENSEMBLE: Breast Advice, #NotOneMore
BEST PLAY: Breast Advice, #NotOneMore
BEST DIRECTION OF A PLAY: Deborah Bostock-Kelley – #NotOneMore
BEST PERFORMER IN A PLAY: Naomi Sample, Amy C. Ragg, Chonesty Osborne, Hannah Hockman – # NotOneMore
BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMER IN A PLAY: Molly-Dakota Ganong, Alexandra Hooker, Beth Behner, Madison Pulica – #NotOneMore

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All videos recorded by Samantha Ponzillo Media

FULL-LENGTH – #NotOneMore is a dramatic production in two parts: BEFORE and AFTER, weaved together with a common thread. It takes an unflinching look at bullying, sexual violence, mental health, a school shooting, and the trauma the survivors left behind face.

Staged managed by Laura Moch, stage assisted by Bryce Pfeiffer, props/set assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker, featuring Madison Pulica, Hannah Hockman, Alexandra Hooker, Molly Dakota Ganong, Beth Behner, Amy C Ragg, Chonesty Osborne, Naomi Sample, and Alexa Sheppard

FULL-LENGTH –  (2022 Runner-Up Broadway World Tampa Best New Play or Musical) Called the Vagina Monologues for boobs in its workshop, the setting of Breast Advice is two busy, crowded backstage dressing rooms, with casts preparing for a show. It features all social-media-curated original monologues to make you laugh and cry, which hopefully will do for boobs what Eve Ensler did for vaginas.

Staged managed by Laura Moch, stage assisted by Lexi Davis, props/set assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker, featuring Elizabeth Behner, Stephan Bielawski, Andrew Brunner, Bill Martin, Molly Dakota Ganong, Susan Lee Dearden, Shannon Keever, Newt Pantalones, Samantha Ponzillo, Madison Pulica, Amy Rochelle, Amy C. Ragg, Olivia Salgado Mancuso, Naomi Sample, Alexa Sheppard, Yvelisse Cedrez Wallace, and Judy Wilson. Breast Advice original song by Janet Scaglione. Music used with permission from Jax.

Contributing Authors: Stephan Bielawski, Tom Bostock, LeeAnn Smith, Martha Velez, Felicia Sabartinelli, Newt Pantalones, Georgia Kosloski, Barry Silber, Kym Welch, Norma Caltagirone, Shirley Overton, Danielle Trzcinski, Amy C. Ragg, Alexa Sheppard, Naomi Sample, Ashley Kix, and multiple anonymous writers.

ONE ACT – TTYL is about a conversation that explores the fragile relationship between mother and daughter. Sometimes, words not said are just as important as those that are.

Staged managed by Laura Moch, stage assisted by Bryce Pfeiffer, props/set assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker, featuring Alexa Sheppard, Angel Borths, and Kennedy Engasser

ONE ACT – Cradle Robber is about a gay couple’s adoption of a newborn thwarted by homophobia.

Staged managed by Laura Moch, stage assisted by Bryce Pfeiffer, props/set assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker,  featuring Analisa Martin, Kennedy Engasser, and Mylie Abrajan Malliet

ONE ACT – my body. my voice. is a story of three women in crisis, in different stages of their lives during the overturn of Roe V Wade.

Staged managed by Laura Moch, stage assisted by Bryce Pfeiffer, props/set assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker, featuring Alexandra Hooker, Molly Dakota Ganong, and Amy C. Ragg. Music used with permission from Reina del Cid.


Tapestry – A Weekend of Socially-Conscious Storytelling Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by Deborah Bostock-Kelley
Stage Managed/Sound Design by Laura Moch, Assisted by Lexi Davis and Bryce Pfeiffer,
Props/Set Assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker
Featuring TTYL, Cradle Robber, my body. my voice., #NotOneMore, and Breast Advice

Breast Advice original song by Janet Scaglione | Photography and Videography by Samantha Ponzillo


Elizabeth Behner

Elizabeth Behner is so beyond thrilled to be a part of these two amazing productions! She had the honor of directing the Carrollwood Player Theatre’s production of The Vagina Monologues in 2017 (which featured our amazing creator and director of these phenomenal shows, Deborah Bostock-Kelley). This experience encouraged her to seek out productions that are unafraid and unapologetic to talk about topics that some may avoid. She has directed, been on stage as an actress, stage managed, and photographed numerous community theatre productions in the Tampa Bay area over the past 6 years. In real life, she is a public-school high school counselor in New Port Richey, FL and is blessed with family and friends who always encourage her artistic endeavors. Thank you, Deb, for allowing her to be a part of the Breast Advice and #NOTONEMORE journey. This experience will always hold an extremely special place in her heart.


Stephan Bielawski

Stephan has been onstage, as well as in movies and on television, performing in various productions for over 50 years now. His local stage credits include an award-winning turns as Joe Keller in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, and Otto Frank in The Diary of Ann Frank. He has also appeared at Eight O’ Clock Theatre, Francis Wilson Theatre and West Coast Players. He is thrilled to be working with this fine cast (many have been friends for years), as well as yet again under the masterful direction of Deb Kelley.


Angel Borths

Angel Borths (Mom, TTYL) is an arts education guru by day, and answers to “Mommy” at night. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Florida State and a Master’s degree in Teaching Theatre from the University of South Carolina. For over 10 years, she performed with the Tampa based improv comedy troupe, Nine and Numb. Most recently, she appeared as Myrna Thorn in Plant City Entertainment’s production of Ruthless. She currently serves as the “Mama Llama” and sponsor for Junior Thespian Troupe: 88479. She wishes to thank her family for all of their support and her beautiful friend, Deb Kelley (the best improv superfan ever)  


Andrew Brunner

Andrew is still fairly new to the acting world, especially in the Tampa area, and is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this production. Some of his prior plays he has performed in is Disaster: The Musical, A Miracle on 34th Street, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and Excursion Fare and even performed in an original short play, Junkie, at the 2019 Tampa Bay Theater Festival.


Kennedy Engasser

Kennedy Engasser is an 18 year old poet, actress, and playwright. She has been featured in numerous different shows at Land O Lakes High school, and Carrollwood Players. She is incredibly excited for the opportunity to perform in these night of one-acts.


Molly-Dakota Ganong

Molly Dakota is holds this production and it’s message extremely close to her heart. Recently, she took the stage as “Mona” in the original performance of “my body. my voice.” She loves working with the talented Deb Kelley and everyone in this production! Molly Dakota’s determination is to perform in projects that positively impact audiences towards understanding all species. Along the way, becoming the new kid on the big screen. See more at mollydakota.com


Susan Lee Dearden

Susan is excited to be in another show with Deb! She’s done community theater for 25 years in Pinellas & Tampa. She thanks her family for all their love & support!


Hannah Hockman

Hannah Hockman is an actor/director who focuses on telling powerful female stories. After graduating from Eckerd College with a BA in Theatre and minors in Marketing and Music, she served as the Acting & Production apprentice and Costume Fellow at American Stage for their 44th and 45th season. With her collegiate training and summers in NYC with the Atlantic Acting School and The Circle in the Square Conservatory, Hannah has discovered her talent in both acting and directing. Select acting credits include in Feinstein’s/54 Below concert of Call It In The Air (Lead), Dutchman (Lula u/s) and She Kills Monsters (Steve). She directed Heathers The Musical at Eckerd College, American Stage’s The Power of Three: The Apprentice Showcase at Studio@620 and assistant directed Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol. Instagram: @hannahbellhockman www.hannahhockman.com


Alexandra Hooker

Alex’s involvement in the arts dates back to her earliest memories. She began dancing at the age of 3, followed by acting at 10, and singing as soon as she could speak. Recently, she played the role of “Vanessa” in the production of “In The Heights” by Ovations Dance Academy of Tampa in July 2022. Her enthusiasm for depicting authentic real-life situations in the Tapestry cast is palpable.


Shannon Keever

Shannon is a registered nurse, mother of three children and the Communication Director with Women’s Voices of SW Florida. Originally from the Chicago area, Shannon is excited to be making her local acting debut in Breast Advice.


Analisa Martin

Analisa Martin (Sam) Is a senior and has been doing theatre since the 7th grade. She has participated in serval plays at her high school such as Legally Blonde the musical and Crimes of the Heart where she played one of the lead roles. She wishes to continue doing theatre as she goes to Florida Atlantic University in the fall.


Bill Martin

Bill is grateful for this opportunity to bring joy to an audience. His daily objective is to make someone laugh. He performed standup comedy routines before moving to Florida, then amused patrons at Renaissance Fairs and Pirate Festivals. Twelve years ago he shared his stage-play debut with a member of this cast; he was a dog then, too. Since then he’s appeared in dramas, farce comedies, and as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol (3 times!). He believes that no matter the character, if he has fun portraying it the audience will be well entertained.


Mylie Abrajan Malliet

Mylie Abrajan Malliet is excited to attend Gibbs High School PCCA program. Mylie has previously played roles such as Nala in Lion King, Yaniv in The Mysterious Death of Victor Timm, Volleny in Cafe Murder, Dragon in Shrek, Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Star-to-be in Annie with Progressive Arts theater. She is excited to be added as a last-minute addition to the show. Mylie would like to thank her acting and vocal coach Kirsten Stiff-Walker, Deb Kelley, and the cast for the opportunity!


Chonesty Osborne

Chonesty is absolutely delighted to be a part of this ensemble of exemplary talents, and so grateful to be a part of my first non-musical. This role is so amazing and speaks to me on such a deep level. I hope it moves you like it moves me.  Thank you.


Newt Pantalones

Newt (he/him, she/her) is a graduate of Blake High School with a Master Certification in Theatre. Newt worked for several years as a Seam Specialist at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and won “Best Costumes” for Creative Loafing Best of the Bay in Innovacative Theatre’s The Hundred Dresses. Notable Roles include Anne Deevers in All My Sons and Agnes in Agnes of God at Carrollwood Players. Newt has also recently portrayed Theo in Plot Points in our Sexual Development at Studio Grand Central and Benvolio in Romeo & Juliet at Jobsite. Newt would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her through all her endeavors and hopes to perform more in the community.


Samantha Ponzillo

Samantha Ponzillo is thrilled to return to the stage for Tapestry – A Weekend of Socially-Conscious Storytelling for Breast Advice. Trained in summer workshops in Upstate New York, Samantha has worked in community theater, national broadcast television, and film in various contract roles. Training in photography, martial arts, dance, and some general stunt work, Samantha’s comedic timing and ability to brighten any stage is her biggest strong suit. Next Up: currently in pre-production for a documentary project, Plumbing Problems, she will then be filming her stand-up special “The Literal Audacity” this fall in Tampa Bay.


Madison Pulica

Madison Pulica is a junior at The University of Tampa, studying Theatre. She debuted in her first Florida show in The Glass Menagerie as Laura, this February at Carrollwood Cultural Center.


Amy C. Ragg

Amy C. Ragg is a blogger, editor, breast cancer survivor, middle school teacher, actor, director, artist, and writer. Breast Advice marks the first time her words have been brought to life on stage. She is grateful beyond words for this opportunity and for all of the people who have loved and supported her in her journey. Peace & Love


Amy Rochelle

Amy Rochelle is a local performer and theatre educator. She has been performing since the age of 5 with her first lead role as Alfie the Elf in The Christmas Doll. She has gone on to perform in the Tampa Bay Area in a number of performances: Melissa in Behind Closed Doors, Nurse in Dracula and Shelby in Steel Magnolias to name a few. She would like to thank her family for their unwavering support and her husband for being her rock and supporting her crazy schedule. And her dogs for being adorable.


Olivia Salgado Mancuso

Olivia has loved theater her whole life, and is thrilled for the chance to bring Breast Advice to life again! She has been involved with the production since the initial staged reading and is so proud to be part of such a fantastic show and cast. She has previously worked on the crew of productions with Carollwood Players and Vivid Theater, and is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting and empowering new show. Thank you for coming out and supporting local theater-we couldn’t do it without you.


Naomi Sample

Naomi Sample is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a BFA in Theatre. NaomiSample..need a black Woman, call me. This Black Woman last seen in THE BIRTHDAY CLUB, LONG WEEKEND, BREAST ADVICE, BOEING BOEING, Florida Man, ElderCare, PostelsMoruary.


Alexa Sheppard

Alexa is honored to be reprising the role of Lisa in “TTYL” as well as performing her own original piece in “Breast Advice” for the first time. She graduated from the University of Tampa in 2020, and is now back to her roots as Drama Teacher at her old high school, Wiregrass Ranch. She is so grateful to Deb for her dedication to theatre and the connections it has to the human experience. Alexa would like her thank her cast, crew, family, friends, students, and pets for all they do!


Yvelisse Cedrez Wallace

Yvelisse Cedrez Wallace is thrilled to perform with Tapestry and talk boobies for the night! She has performed with various regional companies in film, stage, and voice acting, including productions at Hat Trick Theatre, Powerstories, and Spanish Lyric Theatre. She can be seen onscreen starring as Bella in Hot Mess in a Wedding Dress and Everyday Spooky as Luna. Previous theatrical highlights include Roxie Hart (Chicago), Victoria (Hungry Casanova and the Haunting of Netherstone Manor), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), and Cha-Cha DiGregorio (Grease). Her hobbies include aerial dance and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and she’s probably retired from kickball (feel free to ask her why!). Special thanks to Rick, Ricky Cinco, and her family for the endless love and support. 


Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson (Breast Advice) is excited to be part of this storytelling weekend. She recently moved to Florida from the NYC area. Favorite roles include Lily Garland in Twentieth Century, Julia Price in The Ghost Train, Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, and Sister James in Doubt. In addition to theater, Judy has acted in film and TV, and she teaches college English. Judy would like to thank Deb for the opportunity, as well as the cast and everyone involved. She is grateful for her husband’s support and for God’s many blessings. You can see her work at JudyWilson02.wix.com/actor.


Samantha Ponzillo

Samantha Ponzillo is a Florida transplant from Saratoga, New York. Samantha attended college at SUNY SCCC where she studied culinary arts. Using her culinary skills, Samantha worked while studying Video Production at The New School of Media. Prior to graduation, she landed a coveted internship at WFLA in Tampa, Florida which lead to production and editing position at WFTS ABC Action News. Samantha moved to Tampa Bay with her camera glued to her hands and has not stopped taking pictures since she arrived. Her work has been featured on WFLA, WFTS, ABC, ESPN, MTV, and TLC. Samantha began focusing on her photography full time in 2017 and moved to Sarasota, Florida, with her dog in 2018 where she instantly became in high demand for live music and event photography.

TL;DR: New York native. SoFlo transplant. Comedienne. Dog mom. Rowdies Fan. Bolts Fan. Beach Bum.

Portraiture, Events, Sports/Action, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape, Fine Art, Photojournalism, Commercial/Editorial photography.


Janet Scaglione


Janet Scaglione, PhD, retired USF faculty turned playwright, composer, and activist is thrilled to perform her original song for this production. Founder of The Broad’s Way, LLC, Janet aspires to engage women with theater that’s therapy. She has written, produced, and performed in two original musicals “Divas, Dykes, and Dumb Blondes,” and “It’s About Time” She frequently performs with Stageworks Impromptu Players and has music and theater credits with Spanish Lyric Theater, Carrollwood Cultural Center, and Powerstories Theater. Her short autobiographical play “Rose” was accepted for the Tampa Bay Theater Festival 2022 short play competition.

Bryce Pfeiffer


Bryce Pfeiffer has lived in Florida his whole life and loves the Tampa community. During the day he is a web designer. He has dabbled in theater before, including numerous One Acts and shows like “An Inspector Calls”, and always loves to help make theater great any way he can. Bryce thanks his family, friends, and you for coming out to support local theater.

Lexi Davis


Lexi has a passion and a love for theater. Lexi graduated high school at Braden River where she was an active member in her drama club. She has performed on stage many times, however this is her first time getting the opportunity to be a part of the backstage team.

Kirsten Stiff-Walker


Kirsten Stiff-Walker has been a professional singer, dancer and actor for more than 35 years, performing nationally and internationally in the theater, on television and in films. She is now an award-winning choreographer, director, musical director,vocal and acting coach. Kirsten is the director of the non-profit Progressive Arts Theater, a training center for children and adults plus an active theater for all ages! Favorite shows include Heathers, Godspell, Shrek, Matilda, A midsummer Nights Dream and Beauty and the Beast. Her favorite on-stage roles are Velma Kelly from the musical Chicago, Shulie in the second ever production of Schoolhouse Rock Live and MC for multiple charitable events. She recently finished as a principal in a docuseries that is airing on the Discovery network and just finished shooting multiple campaigns with her daughter Karsen for the Walt Disney World company. Currently, she is casting for, Finding Nemo and Carrie the Musical. Kirsten strives to be inclusive in all of her projects and is proud of her daughter Karsen, a 12-year-old with Xia-Gibbs syndrome who has worked onstage as leads and is breaking boundaries as a model and actor for the Sprout agency and Frontline Casting. Kirsten feels that Karsen truly shines through life which reminds us all to sparkle on. Kirsten is thrilled to be a small part in this project and thanks the cast and crew.

Laura Moch


Laura has worked in community theatre for almost 10 years between her work at Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts at Ruth Eckerd Hall and Hat Trick Theatre Productions Inc. She is so excited to be working with a group of people with amazing talents and so much heart!

Deborah Bostock-Kelley


Deborah Bostock-Kelley is a multi-time, award-winning playwright, also a director, producer, and actor – pretty much in that order. Her work has appeared across stages in Tampa Bay, competing in every year of the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival, excluding the pandemic. Her one-acts have also been performed at Carrollwood Players One Act Weekend, 4×6 Festival, Powerstories SheVolution Festival, Powerstories’ Voices of Truth and Voices of Women Theatre Festivals, and Tarpon Arts.

She received a 2022 Gobioff Foundation Grant for “Breast Advice,” which went on to win runner-up in 2022 Broadway World “Best New Play or Musical,” the inaugural 2019 Tampa Bay Theatre Festival Denise Deneen award for her work in theatre, and a 2017 recipient of Theatre Tampa Bay’s Jeff Norton Dream Grant which she used for the inaugural one-act that created the new, full-length production, #NotOneMore. The original one-act was the 2018 Winner of “Broadway World Best Actress,” for Amy Ragg and won “Critic’s Choice” in Powerstories virtual 2021 Voices of Truth Theatre Festival.


TTYL – present-day – living room of Mrs. Sheppard

Cradle Robber – present-day – baby’s nursery

my body. my voice – present-day – dormitory, teen bedroom, and baby’s nursery

#NotOneMore – act one – present-day – TV news station, act two – present-day – church support group

Breast Advice – present-day backstage in two dressing rooms


I am grateful to Heather and Tarpon Springs Art & Music Center for having faith in my vision, for trusting me and my cast and crew to be the first to debut a theatrical performance at the Center. In my playwriting, I have never shied away from controversial and hard-hitting stories. With everything happening in our world today, it’s important to continue to speak out. Each of these short plays found success in theatre festivals across Tampa Bay. They were updated and brought together with the world debut of a full-length production, #NotOneMore and the debut of a revised Breast Advice.

Tapestry only came together because I have such an incredible cast and crew, the most organized stage manager on the planet, and an amazing sponsor.

Thank you to Fran Powers and Powerstories Theatre for sponsoring our production.

Thank you to Greg and Digital Printing Source for printing our playbill.

Thank you to Cindy and Thomas Bassano for sponsoring our production and sharing a discount for your delicious cheesecake with our audience.

Thank you, our audience, for coming to support live theatre.

To my family who has always believed in me, love you more.

Whether you agree or not, I hope our shows make you think and start a conversation.

Tapestry – A Weekend of Socially-Conscious Storytelling Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by Deborah Bostock-Kelley
Stage Managed/Sound Design by Laura Moch, Assisted by Lexi Davis and Bryce Pfeiffer,
Props/Set Assisted by Kirsten Stiff-Walker
Featuring TTYL, Cradle Robber, my body. my voice., #NotOneMore, and Breast Advice

Breast Advice original song by Janet Scaglione | Photography and Videography by Samantha Ponzillo